Uncountable: Our ELN Accelerates R&D By an Order of Magnitude

January 2023. Looking to transition from paper lab notebooks or scattered spreadsheets to a centralized data system? The Uncountable platform provides a structured data management solution, allowing your R&D data to be understood organization-wide.

Benefits of Uncountable as an ELN
•    Standardization
•    Collaboration
•    Visualizations & Analytics
•    Audit & Compliance
•    Workflows

Allow your scientists to collaborate and learn from each other, with searching, commenting and request features.

•    Quickly find relevant experiments, based on inputs, outputs, calculations and other variables
•    Leave comments that notify other team members
•    Use results of 1 experiment as inputs to another, allowing teams to work together across projects
•    Utilize real time editing of workbooks, allowing users to see who is working on documents
•    Assign work to certain users, based on your lab's needs.

We have a motivated, diverse team in San Francisco, New York, and Munich that is developing a set of transformative solutions to tackle this problem.

Source: Uncountable Inc.

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